Forever Free Dream Catcher V-Neck


Today, our dreams are just as powerful force in many peoples’ lives, as they were back with all of our Ancestors. Mainly, because of the meanings that are discovered in them. Regardless if your dreams are good or bad, they can confuse, inspire, or upset us. The dream catchers were originally used to keep infants free from bad dreams that could possibly come throughout the night.. only the good dreams were permitted to slide down along the feathers to the infants head. Leaving the bad dreams to become lost within the web. To be “Forever Free” is just like the dream catcher, keeping yourself from bad thoughts or situations, only allowing good to stay in your life.

An American Apparel Heather Gray V-Neck with a Dream Catcher and the words “Forever Free” on the bottom left.
90% Cotton, 10% Polyester

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