FREE shirt contest!
Posted on Sunday, June 12th, 2011


^^^^^ WATCH!

I hope you all will participate in this fun contest for a FREE shirt or any ONE item from my store.

Here are the details on what to do!
1. Buy any shirt/tank from ELA
2. Cut it into anything you want, a tank (if its a tshirt), a crop top, fringe the bottom & or the sleaves, put beads on the ends of the fringe.. anything you can think of!
3. Make a video (Can be stop motion) or regular.. or take a photo showing you rockinn’ the altered shirt.
4. Send it to

I will choose the winner on July 1st! So you have a few weeks!
NOTE: I reccomend cutting a little at a time, or trying it on another shirt first.

P.S. I appologize in advance for my awkwardness & short attention span. hahah xD

Just a regular Tuesday & Wednesday I suppose…
Posted on Thursday, June 9th, 2011

NOT. The past few days I just had DON’T happen often. I have never had so much fun and excitement in one night!

My friends, Carly, Connar, Jena, my mom & I went up to Reno, NV for the Bruno Mars, Ft. Janelle Monea, and Mayer Hawthorn concert. My friend Carly & I had meet and greet tickets that I had one from our local radio station, We got moved up in the front of the line to meet Bruno, We chatted up the security guard, and danced to Michael Jackson music as we waited. Then bruno came from behind this curtain they had up for photos, and struck a “Michael” pose! SO CUTE. We went up to him, I hugged him, and my friend did as well. We explained that we were both named Carly (with different spellings) and he thought it was funny!? Then they took the photo and tried to rush us away.. So we didnt get much time to talk, but i soaked up every second we got. He was gorgeous, polite and SO SO SO sweet!

Mayer Hawthorn went first, I have to say, im a new fan of them now. I actually saw Mayer about 5 times in the hotel, I asked why he was stalking my friends & I? haha. He wasnt hard to miss in the red suit.


Then Ms. Janelle Monae came out. This lovely lady is my, I dont even know? Idol? She is simply, purely talented. Her show was flawless and I couldnt stop dancing! I got her set list, and as she left the bowling ally (around 2am) she signed it, and gave me and my friend the biggest hugs. It was one of those sincere hugs. I couldnt grab a photo because she was rushed to leave.. but I won’t ever forget! The cool part was that the security was saying she couldnt stop she had to go, she basically ignored them and stopped for us.. It was so cool of her.. To take time out of her life for us! She is so sweet and down to earth! Thats what I love in an artist, not only is she talented, but she really cares about her fans! Did I mention that she is gorgeous as well? Literally a true beauty!

THEN, Bruno.. Oh yes, BRUNO MARS made his way out on the stage :’)

This man has so much talent, Its almost ridiculous. He can dance, sing, play every instument, and is so sweet… and gorgeous.. not that you didn’t know THAT already. His show was non-stop fun, I think I got about 2 or 3 workouts in.. haha, We danced the entire show, our legs were killing us because we were right behind some smaller girls up front at the baracade, and there was a tiny slant that made us stand in an awkward position… My calves sure felt the burn! haha. I knew the words to every single song, He played my favorite “Top of The World” Which is the first song he wrote, and no one else seemed to know the words but me??? Kinda weird.. But I didnt let that stop me from singing and dancing with all my might! I literally didn’t want this night to end. There was too many good things, Too much good music, Too much talent.. But you can never have “TOO MUCH”? At least thats what i think ;)

I can’t believe I was so blessed to have this amazing night with my friends, and all the amazing artists. They have no idea how much they change my life, and inspire me everyday! I hope they all stay grounded and keep making beautiful music! So much more happened than all of that, but I would have to write a short novel to tell you about it, hah. Stay beautiful. Xx – C

completely random. random. random talk.
Posted on Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Ive been a bit MIA lately. SO much has been going on in my life, it seems hard to keep everything balanced.

I had a lovely weekend, traveled about 4 hours in the car with my Mom, Stepdad and grandma, to see my brother for his graduation from the fire acadamy! He was the best lookin’ kid there, and even won an award for the best physical fitness improvement. When my uncle got to put his pin on my brothers uniform, I balled my eyes out, I was just so happy! I had no idea all that my brother put into the acadamy and how much he really achieved!

 ^^^My brother & I after his graduation!  He is honestly one of my biggest inspirations. Over the years, ive always had my brother to lean on through my hard times.. He is always there for me, and teaches me to go for what I want. There will never be anyone I look up to more, than that man. I love him so much <3

Sunday, I came home sneezing my face off. I couldnt figure it out because ive never had allergies before.. Well, I don’t have allergies, I have the flu :l My throat hurts & I keep getting into “coughing fits”. Which is so not fun! My motivation is down the tubes because im just SO tired!

But its time to get things back into order! Starting with the Free Tank contest, SOMEHOW I forgot all about it, so Its extended till Friday! I promise this is the last extension and I won’t forget about it!! I put an alarm on my phone and everything ;)

Summer seems to be coming really quickly, which im SO excited about! I want to try new trends and actually go on some vacations! My main goal for summer is to go surfing!


Ive wanted to do it for such a long time, and im determined to make it happen this summer! Along with concerts and BBQ’s, Summer is so fun because of the vibe. So much care-free love and happiness! I can’t wait!

What are your big plans/ambitions for summer?! What would you like to see from ELA this summer?!

Im sorry ive been out of touch, but im BACK! Lets get this ball rollin’  (: Xx – C

Let The Dreamers Dream..
Posted on Friday, March 18th, 2011

The NEW ELA Tote bag is finally here! 100% cotton black 15 x 16 inch tote!

You can use this for as a school book bag, Your gym bag, or for practically anything else you need!

Limited amount, Shop now! (:

Posted on Monday, January 17th, 2011

Ive decided to do a contest!!! Exciting right? ;) The prize to win is one “Express Love” rubber bracelet!

Here’s what you need to do - Make a Tumblr post about ELA!! (

1. It must have a link to the website –

2. In the post, Tell you followers why you like ELA!

3. The more “likes” you get, helps your chances of winning!

4. Tag the photo with “ELA, Express Love Apparel, Contest, Fashion”.

5. Send me a link (in my ask box) to the post (:

6. Do anything you can think of, try to make it the best post EVER! The longer the better.

Basically, try to get your followers to know about ELA!

I will choose 5 of the best posts, and put the names in a hat, and choose one winner! Then when the winner is picked I will send you a FREE “Express Love” rubber bracelet! Get posting loves!!!

Xx – Carley

Feathery Things!
Posted on Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

My good friend Amanda from Feathery Things and myself, Collaborated on this LOVELY ring! It matches the “Love Makes The Change” Tank that I have in my store! I think its the cutest thing ever! Check out her new line!!! <3

Happy New Year!
Posted on Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Its hard to believe another year has come and gone! 2010 was very hectic, but amazing! I’ve made some of my best friends this year, Aly & Aly, Kendall, Rosie, Kayla, Alicia, Jess, Daniela, Amanda, Marisa! These lovely ladies made this year like no other. I don’t know what I would have done without them. Along with my new friends in 2010, came some fantastic new music! The top 2010 cd’s were, Bruno Mars - Doo-Wops & Hooligans, Katy Perry - Teenage Dream, VersaEmerge - Fixed at Zero, and All Time Low - Nothing Personal.  Each of these albums helped me through anything and everything this year. I could never thank these artists enough!

I ended up spending New Years Eve at my grandmothers house, along with my mom and stepdad. We just hung around the house all night, talking, joking, and of course eating!! Somehow all the sparkling cider in town was sold out, So in its place we had Pepsi, Ginger Ale, and Red Bull. A lot cheaper, and just as delicious.

I personally have to many resolutions this year to list. But, my main resolution is to let go, Its so easy to hold on to things in your life, that have impacted you.. But at some point, you have to let them go, holding them in forever just isn’t healthy!

“Another year means lots of new dreams” – Big plans in store for ELA – The first item i’ll be releasing this year will be a tote bag that I’m very excited about! Perfect for the new semester for those of you in school! I truly wish everyone the best year ever.. Stay positive, Stay beautiful. Xx – Carley

New New New!
Posted on Monday, December 6th, 2010

Who doesn’t love new things? I sure do! Well, you’re in luck — just in time for the holidays! I have a new website!

My amazing new website was designed by a good friend of mine, Jess, who owns a lovely online store called Bronze Phoenix! Not only does she have some of the best feather hair clips I’ve seen, she also makes feather earrings, jewelry and scarves!

I’m very excited to say that I have my own website now, Bigcartel was just a bit too cookie cutter for me. I’m also very thrilled to introduce the newest ELA shirt: the “Alpha” crew neck! I have to say, this is the softest shirt yet! The color is a tri-coffe (brown), it looks gray in the photo but it’s brown ;)

My friend Stephani and I collaborated on this amazing shirt! Stephani hand drew the wolf and then I used my “computer magic” skills to turn one wolf into 6! We think the name Alpha fits perfectly for this design. I learned that in a wolf pack they choose two main alphas, a boy and a girl, to lead the pack. Most people automatically think “Alpha MALE” when they hear the word, but that’s actually not the case! Not only does the saying go hand in hand with the wolves, but being the “Alpha” in YOUR life is important, too! You have to do things for yourself and take charge with no limitations!

We hope you enjoy this shirt we have worked so hard on! xx



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