About Express Love Apparel

Express Love Apparel was created to remind people of love, spread it around a bit and show that its what we all want a need. Not only is it love, its about believing in yourself, wishing, hoping, dreaming and being the best we can.

I started ELA to inspire people who may be going through a hard time in their life. In my freshman year of high school I began to feel sick on a daily basis, before I knew it, 5 years had passed and I was being homeschooled, about to graduate.

I was at the doctor constantly begging to know what was wrong with me… but they could never figure it out. I would sit in my room with terrible stomach pain, wishing I could be at school. But, finally a doctor took me as his patient, although I wasn’t quite 18 yet. Within one month he figured out what was wrong, I had Chronic Chloecytitis and along with my illness came an anxiety disorder which disabled me socially. I’m happy to say that after a surgery and a diet change, im now feeling better than ever!

Throughout the entire experience it felt like a never ending dark road, but my family helped me through it and inspired me by saying “One day, things will change. Until then, we love and support you.” which is how I came across my first tank top “Love Makes the Change”.

I hope that my clothing and words will inspire you through any hard times you may come across, like it has with me.



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